Our History

Passion, Flowers, and Heart

Growing up on a small farm in Southern Pennsylvania, Katrina Hopkins would assist her family in the fields raising beef cattle and tending to various crops. However, she was always drawn to the alluring beauty of the pansies that grew in abundance at her grandmother's farm in Perry Hall, MD. She spent hours upon hours nurturing these blooms and expanding her love of flowers.

As Katrina entered high school, she joined FFA (Future Farmers of America) and became a highly decorated award winner. This fed her passion and development of floral design and arrangement skills, which led to many daydreams of owning her own flower shop. But as the years passed and multiple paths with opportunities arose, she found herself working for the state, and slowly but surely, the love for her job faded. After leaving her position, she turned to her roots and began working at her family's creamery. Little did she know, a life-changing opportunity was just around the corner.

Soon after, a close friend and flower shop owner reached out to Katrina for help during one of the busiest times of the year, Valentine's Day. Katrina accepted a part-time position, which evolved into a full-time position year-round, as the lead floral designer. It did not take long for Katrina to fall in love with her work and reignite her passion for flowers and design. Spending more and more time at the shop, Katrina's husband, Derek Hopkins, noticed how much she was enjoying her time and urged her to take over to the store. So, when she was asked to purchase the business and make it her own, the only answer Katrina could give was "yes!" With the inheritance from her family farm and husband Derek at her side, she dove headfirst into making her dream a reality.

Heartfelt Florist was born in 2017 as Flowers By Lucy. However, it was not a smooth sailing ride to the top or a swift transition overnight. During the time of purchase, the flower shop was in trouble. Neither Katrina nor Derek ran a business before, never mind resurrected a failing one in need of a complete makeover. Together, the naturally creative and whip-smart wife/husband team rebranded, rebuilt, and redesigned the flower shop to make it Katrina's very own.

Merely three years later, another challenge presented itself to Heartfelt Florist, as well as every business worldwide. The Covid-19 pandemic forced Katrina and Derek to get more innovative and wiser once again. After closing the flower shop doors for three months and bringing all inventory into their home, they began designing arrangements in the living room and making personal deliveries.

It didn't take long for them to realize an even more incredible opportunity had been presented to them, with still having access to the family farm. Today, Heartfelt Florist grows their own inventory of stems and potted plants, creates their own products, and operates the shop's storefront from the barn. Customers love visiting the farm and experiencing the authenticity of a family-run floral shop located on the family's property.