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Brilliant and Fun Floral Themed Gifts to Pair with Any Arrangement

Pure happiness is what this pretty bouquet delivers - whether you're sending it for a fall birthday, Thanksgiving, thank you, or simply just because. Surely, no one can be in the presence of something so inherently happy and not smile.


There are many times throughout the year when we find ourselves in need of the perfect gift for a loved one. Whether it’s a present to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, special event, or simply to acknowledge your love or appreciation for someone, a luxurious and fresh arrangement of flowers is always a winner. However, when a special occasion calls for more than a single bouquet, pairing a unique and fun gift with flowers is unbeatable. That’s why your friends and trusted floral shop in Harford County, Heartfelt Florist, offers the most beautiful flowers and bouquets as well as exceptional gifts!

Fun Gifts That Go With Flowers

cosmetics salt bombs bath spa organic

Spa Essentials

Some of the most luxurious bath bombs, lotions, soaps, and face masks include ingredients like peony, rose, lavender, hibiscus, and other florals and botanicals. A full spa kit or a relaxing at-home spa day is not only sweet-smelling and calming but beyond thoughtful. A great gift like this pairs seamlessly with a wonderful bouquet of flowers as it’s a serene finishing touch that offers beauty, positive energy, and tranquility.

Vintage book with bouquet of meadow flowers, nostalgic vintage background

Book of Flowers

Both books and flowers can transport us to brilliant places, enrich our lives, and open our eyes to something breathtaking. Books and flowers captivate us, capture our senses, and expand our knowledge. Together, they make a fabulous gift and dynamic duo, especially if the book is a beautiful book on flowers.


A perfect floral arrangement is when the blooms, design, and colorful petals remind you of that special someone or your loved one. Deciding on the best piece of jewelry follows the same thought process of being able to picture the recipient wearing their new pieces with style. Whether it’s an elegant tennis bracelet, diamond earrings, or a colorful floral necklace, match the look and feel of jewelry with unique and stunning blooms for a magnificent present.

Beautiful flower cupcake for wedding

Sweet Treats

There are few things that can compete with the sweet fragrance of an alluring arrangement created with their favorite blooms. But what about putting together a delicious combination of sweet treats and flowers? While your loved one can feast their eyes upon a wonderful collection of blooms, they can also feast on decadent and delightful goodies like artisan chocolates, gourmet snacks, and fresh baked goods and pastries.

Flowering tea in a glass teapot

Herbal Tea

There is a good reason why herbal tea is often referred to as “a hug in a mug.” While tea warms you from the inside out, it also contains some of the most beloved flowers from all over the world. How lovely to receive a white peony tea, rose tea, hibiscus tea, etc. gifted to you from someone who loved and adores you? When paired with an arrangement that complements the herbal tea, this present becomes particularly glorious.


A fancy bottle of wine to accompany a lavish floral bouquet is a fun and classic gift pairing. A large red rose arrangement will go stunningly with a bottle of red wine and say, “I love you.” Conversely, a bouquet of stargazer lilies will pair seamlessly with a bottle of champagne to say “congratulations” or “happy anniversary!”

No matter the celebration or special occasion, you always turn to a fantastic bouquet of flowers to send your support, love, congratulations, or meaningful message to the people you love. When you want to make a lasting impression, pull out all the stops, or “wow” someone, adding a little token to a flower arrangement is the best way to do so! As you search for the perfect flowers and present, the inspiring collection here at Heartfelt Florist will be waiting for you.

Gifts to mix and match with flowers